Loving It All: Endorsements

“David delivers a guide on how to love ourselves and use that power to live a vibrant life. With the Enneagram as a tool, David shows you a simple approach to discovering a personal road map to live beyond self-imposed limitations. If you are ready to be bold and own your life, this is the book for you.”

-Thomas White, CEO, C-Suite Network, Inc.


“Here’s a safe prediction: David’s latest book, Loving It All, will become a life-changing experience for a significant number of his readers. It’s vividly different. For one thing, it is eminently readable, with Dave’s warm, open heart shining through. For another, it is practical. He presents well-known concepts like “What your resist, persists”, in a profoundly innovative way. Bottom line? The book is a powerful catalyst. Strap in and dive deep into the next chapter in your personal growth adventure.”

-Will Wilkinson, co-author of Forgiving the Unforgivable, Awakening from the American Dream


David Banner’s insights are timeless and universal, but particularly geared for—and needed in—these days of perilous climate change and economic fragility. Our actions on behalf of the planet can be far more effective if undertaken from stance of inner peace and deep connectedness with all life—in a word, love.

-Richard Heinberg
Author of Memories & Visions of Paradise, The Party's Over, and The End of Growth


David Banner offers an excellent handbook for the important work of bringing awareness the habitual ego distortions that so often live out as ego patterns in our life. His emphasis on love and acceptance of what is, learning to relax resistance - a time-tested practice that will be a helpful companion on the journey of anyone sincere in their desire to awaken.

-Miranda Macpherson
founder of 'Awakening Love & Wisdom' foundation, Author of 'Boundless love'.


David Banner is one of the wisest men we know. We've devoured his other books, featured him as a Vision-Holder in our programs and consider him to

be among the 10 visionaries we follow for what is emerging now in the culture. His new book, Loving it All, is a coherent, comprehensive and brilliant call to consciousness from a man who is passionate about a world that works for all.

Craig & Patricia Neal
Co-Authors of The Art of Convening


David writes with brilliance and passion. In Loving It All, he bestows upon us the gift of this brilliance with great clarity. You may not concur with all he
presents, but he provides both depth and light. You will benefit from his wisdom and vast knowledge and underlying care. As he points out we all have a shadow side that needs to be owned, faced, and released. This is a must read. Thank you David.

David Daniels, M.D. clinical professor of psychiatry,
Stanford Medical School and co-founder of Enneagram Studies in the Narrative Tradition


In a bold new book, Loving it All, David Banner has devised a constructive roadmap to unconditional love and acceptance in a world fraught with war, injustice and fear. His concepts unveil the root causes of our negativity and offer up a means of discovering love and acceptance, allowing us to view the world in a more spiritual, open-minded way. 

Sandy Garfunkel
Writer/Director, "Perhaps Tomorrow" -  "Out of the Ash"
web: www.outoftheashmovie.com


If you have enjoyed authors such as Ken Wilber, Eckhart Tolle and Byron Katie you will most certainly enjoy David Banner’s new book, Loving It All. I have known Dr. Banner for many years. His clear-eyed wisdom shines through every word as he shares with us a way through frustration and suffering to a happy, truly fulfilled life.

Christopher Foster
Author of The Secret Promise of Aging: Finding Meaning, Joy and Inner Peace as Years Fly By




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