Frameshifting: A Path To Wholeness

Frameshifting: A Path to WholenessIn early 2007 I was awakened from a deep sleep at 4:00 a.m. with the urge to start writing. The outline for this book simply flowed onto the paper!

Many people speak of paradigm shifts. A paradigm is a set of beliefs, values, and expectations that acts as a filter, letting in the sensory data that support the paradigm and blocking those that don't. This filtering process shapes our view of the world.

Our larger frame is composed of our personal paradigms about work, friendship, marriage, hobbies, vacations, relatives, and so on. This frame determines how we see ourselves-in other words, who we think we are.

The typical human frame carries some standard assumptions: I am a skin-encapsulated body that thinks and feels. I was born, will live a certain number of years, and will die. Therefore, my identity is fragile, subject to the whims and circumstances of life. The world is a hostile environment, full of things that can hurt or kill me. The goal of life is to squeeze out some happiness in this limited existence.

In this frame, is it any wonder we experience almost constant anxiety and fear?

I've taken many personal growth workshops since 1970. Those that changed me in any significant way had one powerful thing in common: They caused me to experience myself as larger than a skin-encapsulated body, mind and feelings. I call this experience frameshifting.

Frame-shifting experiences enable a deep shift in one's sense of identity. Mere belief or concept is practically useless in making this deeper shift. In fact, a mental appreciation of spiritual truths may actually be counter-productive in that it can create the illusion that a person is really growing spiritually.

Millions of people "lead lives of quiet desperation," to quote Thoreau. Caught on a treadmill of consumption and despair, alienated from their spouses, their families, their friends, they chase material wealth as a path to happiness. But there is a spiritual revolution afoot on the planet. The old cultural paradigm of acquisition, materialism, and separateness breaks down. A new culture is forming, characterized by interdependence, wholeness, practical spirituality, and sustainability.

Frameshifting offers a way to look at this process of cultural transformation and renewal from an individual perspective. As more people begin to see themselves connected to a larger whole, intimately related to all life, then genocide, wars, alienation, and a callous disregard for life will necessarily become things of the past. This book can help encourage such a transformation.

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