Book Review: Frameshifting - A Path to Wholeness

"For anyone serious about activating their inner brilliance, this book is a must read!"

—Dr. David Breitbach
Founder of Bright Life U and
Practitioner, Network Spinal Analysis
Somato-Respiratory Integration (SRI) Practitioner


"In this engaging and important book, Dr. Banner pulls from a wide array of wisdom traditions to explore the promise of a higher level of consciousness. The careful reader begins to witness the power of the self as s/he slowly comprehends the importance of letting go of the ego's need to exert control—comprehension aided in no small measure by a gifted teacher (and trickster) who delivers the call in as unthreatening a way as possible. David's journey has been eclectic, but his wit and courage have served him well and we are fortunate that he is willing to share what he has learned." 

—Dr. James Way
Leadership and Organizational Change
PhD Mentor, Walden University
Minneapolis, MN


"FRAMESHIFTING, by David K. Banner, is a remarkable book that tells the story of one man's personal spiritual awakening. Filled with examples from David's life and extensively referenced, FRAMESHIFTING describes a process to let go of your ego and discover your divine self. David K. Banner has not lived in an ivory tower. He has been an army commander in Vietnam, an aerospace engineer on the Apollo moon-landing project, an adventurer, and a university professor. Let David tell you how he personally experienced the transition from ego-based living to love!"

—Kenneth J. MacLean
author, editor, filmmaker


"I wholeheartedly subscribe to Dave Banner's assertion that changing frames is the trick. Whatever your personal development directions, you will benefit from Dave's journey and the insights he offers."

—Robert J. Wright
Author and CEO
The Wright Business Institute



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