Designing Effective Organizations: Traditional & Transformational Views

by David K. Banner & T. Elaine Gagné

Designing Effective OrganizationsDesigning Effective Organizations is a very readable, basic text for the undergraduate or MBA-level course on organization theory. In addition to the comprehensive topical coverage of traditional organization theory, it brings in a tranformational perspective. Key points are underscored by the inclusion of Ashleigh Brilliant's delightful "Pot Shots" cartoons.

Organizational theory traditionally studies the form of organizations—structures, size, strategies, and so on. But according to Banner and Gagné, an organization's structure is merely the result of the shared collective paradigm of its members. Their mental agreement is what creates and maintains the structure.

Therefore, reorganizing at the level of structure doesn't work. One must address the "invisible" elements that are holding that structure in place—the beliefs, attitudes, values, etc., of the people involved. Ignoring these aspects is like trying to change the reflection in a mirror without addressing what is causing that reflection. Thus, for example, trying to shift to a freer structure of shared responsibility won't work if people are internally programmed to rely on a stiff bureacracy for direction.

Banner and Gagné offer the possibility of true paradigm shift in the world of business.

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