Book Review: Designing Effective Organizations


"This book presents an avant garde approach to an important topic about which, to my way of thinking, no one else has writtten even a contemporary book. . . . The authors' perspective readily allows the reader to comprehend and appreciate what is always present—often hidden and almost always controversial—the subjective side of organizational life. . . ."

—from the Foreword by Samual A. Culbert
John E. Anderson Graduate School of Management,
University of California, Los Angeles


"A valuable resource to the students and instructors of organizational design and theory courses. The comprehensive coverage of traditional organization theory topics coupled with the author's contemporary orientation and transformational perspective ensure this. . . . The organizational design and theory text by Banner and Gagné addresses an important fact of organizational life that is usually ignored . . . namely, that our implicit assumptions, worldviews, metaphors, paradigms, and organizational culture are important determinants of why we organize the way we do." 

—Douglas Austrom, President and Cofounder
Turning Point Associates
Indianapolis, Indiana


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