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Diane & David BannerNot many PhDs choose to wait tables when they move to a new town, just to get to know the community. But David Banner did just that when he and his wife Diane moved to Viroqua, Wisconsin, 13 years ago. He saw it as a way to get out of his head and connect with local people in a genuine way.

And that's what David's life is about: connecting, serving, and assisting people to come into a larger experience of themselves.

According to the Enneagram typology, David is a "7," the Epicure—an insatiable glutton for experience. Thus, he has tried many spiritual growth/self-help modalities, jumping right in to see what would aid his quest for spiritual enlightenment. Thanks to this "go-for-it" attitude and broad range of experiences, he has discovered a larger pattern in experiential growth technologies.

David says that mere belief or intellectual knowledge is essentially useless for true internal growth and transformation. His new book, Frameshifting, describes several experiential techniques that help people shift their "frame" of identity from scarcity, fear and despair to one of interconnectedness, joy and abundance.

David began his career path with a degree in math and physics but found he didn't enjoy working in that field. This was the inspiration for his "Discovering Your Life Purpose" workshop. Through it, he helps people discover their deepest values, find the blocks that keep them from living those values, and create an action plan to manifest their life vision.

Recently retired from 35 years as a university professor, David currently mentors PhD students in Leadership and Organizational Change at Walden University in Minneapolis. He is the author of six books and countless articles on transformational leadership, ethics and integrity in business, and related topics. He has also been an aerospace engineer for NASA; a management consultant for Peat, Marwick, Mitchell; an entrepreneur; and a U.S. army officer in Vietnam. "Being shot at once convinced me to clearly prioritize my values. What good does it to do have a lot of money if you're dead?"

David's hobbies include tennis, golf, travel, fine dining, dancing, theater, good films, and being with good friends. He also stays in close touch with his three grown children, who are actively pursuing their own spiritual paths. David loves life and samples from its varied aspects with gusto!



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